Wednesday, 23 June 2010

My History

So, HSP is hereditary. My mum has it, and she inherited it from her mum. Her two brothers, my uncles, also have it. Our family has contributed to HSP research, and we know that the gene mutation in our family is one of the ones that can be tested for.

I have known that there has been a chance that I inherited HSP from my mum and a chance that I have not. Up until recently I had been quite content knowing that the longer I went without showing any symptoms, the more likely it was that I had not inherited the condition.

As a boy I went to scouts and enjoyed walking in the hills, particularly the Lake District, and cycling has been one of my regular forms of exercise, enjoyable as well. I had had the opportunity to go walking most years, and went to the Lakes most years between about 1989 and 2003. Quick plug for the Coledale in Braithwaite.

I got married in 2007, and we found out in the summer of 2008 that we were expecting a baby.

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