Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Symptoms Update (walking technique)

Hi, I've been spending time recently concentrating on how I am walking.

If I dont pay attention, then I'm finding that my feet do drag along the ground a little, effectively I'm not picking my feet up enough. Basically, the balls of my feet rub the floor as I move my foot forwards. This happens when my I know this appears to be fairly common, and I can concentrate on my walking to correct this. I find that this happens more when I'm tired.

This is the description, in detail, of my tripping on flat surfaces comment in my Early Symptoms? post back in June '10.

Sometimes, when I'm rushing around I'm finding that my feet behave in a slightly different way. In this situation, the tips of my toes make contact with the ground as I bring my leg forward.

The other thing I've been trying to do recently is to concentrate on straightening my leg as I walk, so that as my weight passes over my leg I make sure my knee is straight and this then gets a stretch going along the back of my leg.

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