Monday, 7 November 2011

Symptoms Update - Emotional effects

Quite an emotional weekend has just happened. My sister got married, and she asked me to give her away as our dad died in 2005. I also made a speech. Very happy, but also very emotional.

The relevance of this? Well, I found that at the more emotional parts of the day my leg muscles became very tense, with all of them tightening together and making my legs shake. I had to bend my knees to stop myself turning into a bouncing ball, both in the church and when making my speech. Who'd have thought that skiing lessons would be so useful?

My sister had recently said that our mums legs have done similar when she was emotional, so I'm minded to mention this here as a symptom, which then opens another avenue for future investigation, and I might add an emotional summary as a commentary on my filming.

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