Saturday, 7 January 2012

I actually have two "conditions"...

I had a very interesting discussion over Christmas, and its made me realise that I actually have two separate conditions. One is HSP, and the other is one known as "Getting Older".

I've started to spot grey hairs appearing, and I don't associate these with HSP at all. I need to consider if the various things that I've been noticing and commenting on in the context of possible symptoms of HSP are really such symptoms or if they are just as a result of getting older.

For example, I commented last year about getting my speedometer working on my bike as a measure of leg muscle change. When my speedo was last working (a year or two ago) my cycle-to-work average was 13.7mph. Should I get it working again and find the average to be slower, would that be due to HSP starting to affect my muscles, or would that be because I'm a year or two older and just a little bit less fit. I had similarly thought about finding ways of measuring my flexibility.

Conclusion: I should not be so quick to assume that all changes below the waist are HSP, which ought to end up with me in a more positive mind-frame (presumably with a lower likelihood of depression....)

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