Sunday, 7 October 2012

Index Arrival - Going "Tabular"

This blog is a couple of years old, and I realised that it was getting difficult for me to remember quite what I had found out and where I had posted it, so I decided to make an index. This index is available on new tabs on the blog, allowing you to switch between the blog posts and the index.

In the fullness of time I'll add further tabs for other information - particularly the results of my research papers analysis.

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  1. I came across your blog via Google and just wanted to thank you for writing this! I was diagnosed with spastic paraparesis, two years ago, which the doctors think is caused by a long-standing brain stem lesion. I felt so alone as it isn't a very common problem and no one else seemed to write about it. But reading some of your posts I was easily able to relate to the problems you experience!!

    I too am writing my own blog over at:

    Keep up the great work!!