Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Symptoms Update - Stiffness

A few more months have passed since I last did a symptoms update. The 'problem' with a condition that acts slowly is trying to identify when something has changed. This time its more of a gut feel than a specific observation. I think it's more difficult to stand up, and I think its more difficult to stand with my legs straight for a long time.

This is a feeling over several weeks, so I dont think there are any particular circumstances which would give rise to this. My standing-with-legs-straight comment comes from one of my few multi-tasks - when I give our nearly-one-year-old his bedtime milk I stand with my legs straight, body bent over, and then move my hips to get a hamstring stretch (multi-task is stretching and feeding at same time). This has become more uncomfortable in the last week or two, and I've needed to stop the stretch for a moment and then come back to it, whereas a month or two ago I was able to hold the stretch for a whole bottle of milk.

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