Sunday, 19 May 2013

Symptoms Update - Stress & Tiredness

This last week has been quite hard. I've been busy at work and our youngest son has been ill. There have been a few interrupted nights and its been a challenge to "switch off" from work in the evening. My observation is that I think I've noticed my legs being stiffer this week, and I wonder if this is a result of either effect. A quick trawl of the papers abstracts shows that sleep and tress are not a reported phenomena (although there may be some better medical terms for either which I havent looked for)

Regular readers may recall that I've associated showing symptoms when being tired previously over the last couple of years, so maybe this is just another in a long chain of association, and another reminder of whats coming. I've not made the association with my stress levels before (and hopefully I wont have the opportunity  to do so again). I must remember to try to find time to rest and relax.

I had a long train journey for work in the week and found the time to read the latest Newslink from the HSP Support Group. I like the mix of articles presented and reading both people stories and the advice and comments on different techniques and technologies which can help. I spotted that many of the exercises at the end are similar to some which we do in Pilates, which is good to find out. Perhaps I should try doing some of these other evenings in the week.

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  1. Sleep, or lack of, and high stress levels have a big impact on my symptoms. It was the main reason that I sought medical help. I found that if I couldn't sleep for any reason then my legs were worse the next day and then that in turn would prevent me from sleeping and so on. I tried quinine first followed by many other meds but currently I take tizanidine and it isn't a miracle cure but it has drastically improved my quality of life. I still do have to try to manage my sleep and stress levels but it all helps. Mel