Monday, 17 June 2013

UK HSP Support group 2013 AGM

Yesterday I went to the AGM of the UK HSP support group in Warwickshire. After the AGM there were 4 presentations by different specialists, and I'll write separate posts about those another day. This post is about the day and my observations.
I found the day very interesting and enjoyable. It was good to meet group members and chat about the various issues coming up from the presentations during lunch and coffee breaks. From an observational point of view whilst there was a great spread in the amount that the condition affects the people there (and a corresponding array of walking aids and wheelchairs) everyone seemed friendly, open and happy to talk.
The AGM itself was brief. One observation was that different members had been asking for meetings in their local area, and the comment was made that two people meeting in the pub would be a meeting, and that people shouldn't be afraid of attempting to organise a meeting themselves. The group would be able to provide support. This made me think that there is no reason why this couldn't happen anywhere in the world. Whilst part of the meeting is about the presentations another part is about networking (talking to people) and I think that the balance between these was about right.
In addition to the presentations Physio Function ( were there with a number of different FES systems which people could have a go with.
Conclusions: its meetings like this which demonstrate the real benefit of the support group. Attendees get first hand direct relevant information from professionals who work with HSP and the chance to meet and socialise with others who are in the same boat.

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