Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Autumnal Survey 2013

Update: This 2013 survey is now closed. For details of the results of this survey and any current surveys, please see this page: http://hspjourney.blogspot.co.uk/p/my-on-line-resarch.html

Original Post:
I thought, as the year draws to a close, that I would start a new feature each autumn. My thought was to capture information in a survey each year and report the findings in the new year. I know that there are about 700 page views a month on this blog, but I have little idea about my audience except for their country. So, my first survey is to find out a little more about the type of person who reads my blog, which will set the scene for future surveys.

I would be grateful if you would spend a few minutes to answer my 2013 survey.

I'll also post this link around on FaceBook, RareConnect and other places.

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  1. I've had about 40 replies so far. Thanks for those who have answered. Would be good to get a few more.