Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Overall Update

I realised the other week that it had been a while since I updated the index for this blog, so I've added the last 12 months of posts to the index such that it is now up to date. Perhaps this becomes an annual job as its about a year since I put the index up in the first place.

I've also added some technology to the blog. I was looking at someone elses Blogger Blog and they had various features that I wanted. I had a bit of an explore and managed to find a search feature, and e-mail/RSS subscriptions. So. those are to the left of this and you are welcome to use them if that helps you keep in touch.

In recent correspondence I've also become aware of three more HSP groups - Finland:, Austria: and Europe: I wonder if there are any more?

I've also been looking into the SPATAX network: and observing that many of the researchers here are those with the most papers in my trawl of papers.

Finally, I've over 100 completed reponses to my survey so far, so many thanks to those that have completed it. I'm still trying to promote this around HSP groups, so I dont think I'll look at results until later in the year.

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