Monday, 16 December 2013

Another outlet for my messàge, communities update

The other week I met up with Ian Bennett of the UK HSP support group. Ian has asked me to write a regular feature in the newsletter, covering the medical side of things. I was pleased to accept. Effectively, this will partly be a re-write of some of the things I have already written, and mostly a write of things I haven't yet found!

Towards the end of November I signed up for the patientslikeme website. I quite like the tracking tools they give you. I had been trying to find an app to allow me to track these things, but that didn't seem to be too easy to find. The patientslikeme site let's you track some of the relevant symptoms, grouping into mental, physical and social - which draws some parallels with the presentations from the AGM. I'll keep updating my details, and give feedback. My immediate grumble is that I don't seem to be able to update my details from my tablet.

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