Friday 11 September 2015

2015 Survey open

Update: This 2015 survey is now closed. For details of the results of this survey and any current surveys, please see this page:

Original Post:
After the success of my previous surveys, I'm continuing the pattern with another survey this year.

My main focus for this survey is understanding the modifications which people make around their homes to live with HSP. I also touch on depression and quality of life.

Following the previous pattern, I will collect results until around the end of the year and analyse these to publish on rare disease day 28th Feb 2016.

Also like before, all questions are optional, and I don't collect any personal info apart from your name. If you took part last time, I'd appreciate using the same name to allow tracking.

I would appreciate any readers with HSP to complete this.


  1. There was a small glitch. If you went to followed that link in the last 24 hrs then it took you to last years survey. This is now fixed. Sorry!

  2. Update: now 68 responses, good to get some more!

  3. I've now 87 responses, great work readers! (oh, and the leap year means that rare disease day is 29th Feb, not 28th)