Friday, 6 November 2015

Spatax Network Map

My first venture into online HSP mapping...

I wanted to see the spread of researchers in HSP. I thought it would be reasonably straightforward to create a map of the members of the Spatax Network, and here is that map!

So, this takes the info from here: and by a process of looking up addresses through Google, popping those addresses here and then importing that data to the ArcGIS online system here

I was able to create this map in a couple of hours. Caveats - I believe those locations to be roughly right, based on that data route.

I like the heatmap way of looking at things, and it is immediately obvious that:

  • There's a large chunk of expertise in Paris
  • No-one in the USA, Australia or the far east are involved in the network.
I have plans to expand this map according to the PubMed database of papers, but thats going to be a fair way away as there will be many more addresses to process.

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