Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Symptoms and Stretches Update

Just a quick post today.

In terms of symptoms I've been fairly stable for the last few months. There haven't been any big changes. In terms of subtle changes I might be spotting that my knees are beginning to come together more of the time, especially when I'm riding my bike. On this front I might be going slightly slower on uphill sections which may be indicative that I'm beginning to lose some of the power in my muscles (or the spasticity means that I'm having to work more to get my legs to do the same thing).

With the detrusitol I've pretty much stopped having toilet "emergencies", both with bowel and bladder. I do need to bear what I'm doing in mind and have needed to pop an anti-diarrhoea pill in if I know I'm going to be busy and/or stressed and not near a toilet, particularly if I'm feeling 'looser' than normal. A bit of a balancing act, but perhaps only an issue every couple of months or so.

I've my next physiotherapy appointment in March and I'm going to be pleased to report that my stretches are now pretty standard behaviour. I do these twice a day, immediatley before getting into bed and first thing after my shower in the morning except in the following circumstances (i) there is some kind of issue with the boys which means I'm going from bed to playing/etc. in the morning or (ii) I've had a particularly long and busy day and I just want to get into bed. In reality this might mean I miss 1 or 2 stretches sessions a week.

In other news, I got some new trainers at Christmas. This is a note to self as a measure of rate of shoe wear.

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