Tuesday, 20 December 2016

How far does my blog reach?

One of the questions I wonder about is where in the world do people live who read my blog. Blogger statistics give me the top 10 countries where people have clicked through to this blog, and I've been keeping track of this, and you can see this tracking on the blog statistics page http://hspjourney.blogspot.co.uk/p/blog-statis.html. My general observation was that readers are predominantly in the UK and US, and there is a reasonably consistent set of other countries where there are readers, frequently being in the top 10 on a monthly basis. Other countries do pop up on a weekly or daily basis, but there didnt seem to be much of a pattern.

Why do I ask this? Most of the HSP groups that I'm aware of are in the UK, US, Europe and Australia. There are a few groups from other parts of the world on Facebook. I'm trying to share my blog as far as I can, and I was wondering which other websites might be worth my visiting. A couple of years ago I found this link:
http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/bulletin/map-the-countries-where-google-and-facebook-dont-rule-the-web/31343 with data from 2013 which shows that Google and Facebook "rule the world" as far as most frequently visited websites go. I've not found an updated version of this map, but the late 2016 position for global websites is here: http://www.alexa.com/topsites and you can see that YouTube is in position 2. My initial thought was that I've got Google and Facebook covered - and its just a question of making sure I'm well searchable!

In discussion with colleagues at work the other month we were discussing Google Analytics, and I enabled that on this blog back in April 2016. This gives a much more comprehensive set of data, and I'm looking to work out how to integrate this information with the Blogger statistics for my long-term tracking.

Headlines are that since April 2016:

25% of my readers are return visitors and 75% are viewing the blog for the first time. There have been over 2000 individuals view the blog in that time, spending on average 2 minutes to read 3 pages.

The top 10 countries are similar to that shown by Blogger (percentage is number of times visited):
1. United Kingdom (33.55%)
2. United States (23.83%)
3. Russia (5.44%)
4. Canada (4.56%)
5. Brazil (3.94%)
6. Australia (3.80%)
7. France (3.55%)
8. Netherlands (2.16%)
9. Italy (2.06%)
10. Belgium (1.57%)

Overall there have been readers from 75 countries. I've had readers from pretty much every European country, the majority of the Americas, Oceania, and Asia, and perhaps a fifth of Africa. There are 26 countries where average time spent reading the blog is more than 1 minute.

Most visitors arrive via a search engine (34%), a link from another site (23%), visiting directly (23%) or through social media (19%). The other site links include the US, UK and Australian group websites (sp-foundation.orghspgroup.org and hspersunite.org.au) in the top 5, and a few of the European groups a bit further down the list. The social media top 3 are Facebook, Blogger and Twitter,


My blog does get quite far around the world, but there are some corners of the world where there are people with HSP where I dont know how they get their information. I'd welcome websites/info if you know any other groups than these: http://hspjourney.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/groups-around-world.html

A big thank you to all readers, wherever you are in the world!

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