Friday, 12 May 2017

Shoe wear update - data!

I've just, in the last month or so got both new trainers and new shoes, which means that I now have my first set of shoe wear data, co-incidentally two pairs at the same time.

My shoes lasted 2 years 2 months From Oct-2014 through to Dec-2016 (they were basically worn out by Christmas 2016, but I dragged another couple of months use out of them, getting the new pair in April 2017).

My trainers lasted about a year less, one year and three months from Jan 2016 through to April 2017 (with the new pair in May 2017).

In both cases, you can see that my left shoe is substantially more worn than my right shoe. (of course, we're looking at them from your perspective, so my left shoe appears on the right of the photo!)


The main problem for my shoes (which is not too surprising) is that they let water in when the ground was wet.


The main problem for my trainers is that the sole on the left shoe was becoming unstuck, and would occasionally fold back under the shoe if my foot passed close to the ground. You can see that the soles of my trainers are considerably more worn that the soles of my shoes, and this is because I wear my trainers whilst riding my bike.

I was more dissappointed with the rate of wear on my Diadora trainers than with the wear on my shoes. Clearly the bike wears them out quite quickly, and whilst I didnt perceive wearing the trainers much other than for cycling, the wear on the tips suggests that this is not the case! I've gone cheap for my next pair, with Boston Athletics.

I think that my shoes (which were Sketchers) fared much better - these are the shoes that get most of the wear and tear, and I've worn out and about in most environments (woods, trees, rocks, beaches, . My replacement shoes are also Sketchers.

The only shoes that have not yet entered the logging system are the shoes that I wear at work - I have two pairs of those and they aren't going anywhere soon. I also have two pairs of boots for walking, but they get used once in a blue moon and would feature here way after my work shoes.

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