Thursday, 6 July 2017

Chair of UK HSP Support Group

At the weekend I went to the UK HSP Support Group AGM in Birmingham. This means that I've my next few posts covered with reporting the different presentations that were made there.

The AGM was at a new venue this year, and I think that it worked really well, meeting the needs of the group. The turnout was great with nearly 100 people there, so getting on for a fair proportion of the membership. The AGM followed the usual format with a number of speakers (4 this time) and some time for members to chat amongst themselves, over lunch and between talks.

At the AGM Ian Bennett stood down as Chair of the group, and in discussions with Ian over previous months I had put myself forward as Chair. There were no other people who put themselves forward, so I was elected as the new Chair of the group. I'm just getting my head round my new role and responsibilities at the moment, but I'm intending to follow Ian's excellent work, and my initial aims for the group are:

  • Promote the groups activities, 
  • Listen to ideas from members,
  • Follow the groups our charitable objectives

If anyone has any ideas about what the group should be doing, I'm happy for people to post here, drop me a message or leave a comment on our faceboook group ( or page (

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