Saturday, 21 October 2017

Comments about my walking

In the last year or so i've started to get the occasional comment about my walking.

Some of these are from colleagues at work who I don't see very often. They all know about my HSP, but I have also had some comments from strangers. I wasn't expecting this to happen! It is a bit unsettling, and i've not yet worked out how I should react.

I realise that this must mean that my spasticity is beginning to be more visible, and I'll probably have a few answers lined up which I can just give. Reciting my story to strangers is not really my style, so initially I'll probably go for something like "my legs are just a bit stiff". (I realise that comment about not reciting my life story is a bit contrary to you reading my life story here!)

One person made a comment once that I should use the lift, when my foot scuffed on the way up some stairs. I automatically thought "no! I need to use the stairs to keep my muscles working, you don't understand" - but of course I didn't say this. It was just a quick comment with no context, and my mental reaction was a bit strong and I need to watch that - part of the stress management toolkit.

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