Friday, 1 December 2017

Symptoms Update - Walking

So, it looks like there hasn't been many symptoms updates, and then two come along in quick succession!

Observations from the last couple of months are that my walking speed has dropped, but I'm not really sure over low long this has taken place. Certainly before I was living in Bristol I was quite a fast walker, and easily found myself at the front of groups walking. When I was visiting the Lake District (and other similar places) to go walking I know that I was able to average about 5km/hour overall, the uphill bits being the slower part of the average. I used to be able to comfortably achieve 5km/hour on other walks.

These days I notice that I am now walking slower than most people - a walk along the street will see people passing me, and I have to speed up if I want to keep up with a group of people. Recently I went to meet a friend for a couple of drinks which involved a 1.8km walk which I managed in about 23 mins, slightly downhill - about 4.7km/hr, which felt like quite a pace.

The main new thing to note, however, is that about 3/4 of the way back home at the end of the evening my legs were feeling really tired, and I suspect that I shouldnt say that my walking distance is unlimited any more. According to fitbit I had a 15km day, which is one of my busier days. You should note that I treat the distance on fitbit as a measure of activity rather than a measure of distance because fitbit counts some steps whilst I am cycling, but my average distance/busyness is about 9km per day.

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