Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Some more website links

During my surfing, I've found a few more links to useful things:

A federation of national HSP support groups covering Denmark, France,Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain and the UK:

The HSP entry in the rare diseases community - links to support groups and plenty of recent posts with peoples stories. I'm pleased to see that there's a link to this blog here!

Some 2011 research giving a detailed account of the biochemical workings of atlastin, a protein produced by one of the genes linked to HSP:

A blog post reporting some research from 2004 into how spastin is involved in neuronal communication.

Another site with a summary of the condition:

And just for fun, the misspellin version of wikipedia. p.s. its not may fault of you spend hours just looking up other stuff on this page!

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