Sunday, 11 March 2012

Another Name - Jean-Martin Charcot

One of my objectives is to generate a list of current researchers working with HSP, and I suspect that is going to take a while to do. I've a few starting points, and a vague approach in my mind, but I'm going to need to concentrate so I try not to miss any avenues.

In the mean time my brain was turning to the discovery of the condition, and I remember reading on the SP Foundation website: the reference to another name - a Frenchman called Charcot, with another alternative name for the condition: hereditary charcot disease. This post seeks more info - I Hadn't picked up Charcot before.

More info doesn't seem to be easy to find. I suspect that Charcot would be Jean-Martin Charcot, who was French and lived 1825-1893, so would have been around at the time of Strumpells 1880 paper but not Lorrains 1898 paper. Also in his favour was that he was a neurologist. Charcot is much better known for work in MS and Parkinsons, and for his approach to neurological examination. You can read more at wikipedia: These higher profile conditions, and CMT tend to flood the search results.

Another supporting observation is that Pierre Marie was a student of Charcot, who also worked with Adolph Strumpell - leading to Marie–Strümpell disease.

It would be nice to find references to Charcots work, which would be from the last three years of his life. If anyone has details, I would be pleased to receive.

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