Friday, 15 June 2012

Symptoms Update - Shoe wear and 'skid marks'

I think I've spotted the next part of my symptoms. A look at my shoes shows that the heel is starting to be pushed outwards. I think this means that my gait must be changing. Interestingly it is noticeable on my left shoe more than my right shoe. The effect is slight, and I've had these shoes for a while.

Just thinking, if my heels are starting to poke out, I suppose that my knees must be getting closer together. I base this supposition on the scenario that its a walking thing, each step pushes my weight out and I dont think that my feet are further apart. I cant work out if my toes are pointing in more, and I'll need to do some more observing.

I'll also keep a lookout on my other pairs of shoes, as it's just one pair at the moment.

Also, on a similar front, I've noticed that I now have 'skid marks' on the cill of my car door where my right foot has slid over rather than me lifting it over after sitting down. I've only just noticed these marks, which perhaps suggests that its a fairly recent thing, having had the car for getting on for four years.

Overall, My conclusion is that my symptoms are starting to progress, and my wife has also noticed that my walking appears more difficult when I am tired or carrying heavy weights (3 year old boy sized). I wonder how long I'll be able to claim "no significant symptoms"....

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