Thursday, 5 July 2012

Another new arrival - and cord blood storage

An update - a couple of weeks ago my wife gave birth to our second son. Double trouble in a few years, I'm sure!

We repeated the decision that we took for our first son, and decided to get the cord blood stored again. As a reminder for the first decision:

One of the things which the genetics team said back at the beginning was that if we had two children, one with and one without the condition, then (provided there was a treatment available) the stem cells of the one without may be more of use to the one with. This info now becomes relevant.

In case anyone is interested, we used cells 4 life The process was much easier this time as they now offer a phlebotomy service too. If anyone is thinking of doing this, then as a referral from an existing customer gets you (and me) a £50 Marks and Spencer voucher. Drop me a line....

Naturally, the HSP angle is still in the blue sky thinking zone, but there may be other uses for these as we go. Only the passing of the years will tell.

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