Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Symptoms update

I realise that I did a symptoms update the other month, but I think that I might be at a corner in terms of symptoms.

General caveat: I've had a few really busy weeks at work, which has meant a few really late nights, so there may be an element of fatigue and/or missing out on some stretches coming into play.

My legs are starting to feel heavier, which means that they are more difficult to move about and perhaps requiring a moment or two more concentration to make each step. Some activities are becoming fractionally more difficult, especially when tired. I also spot that I'm walking more lazily at home with my feet dragging on the floor. I also notice the difference between wearing my orthotics and not doing so (I don't wear shoes at all at home.)

At my physio appointment she asked if I had considered baclofen  (or one of the other similar drugs). We were testing how my walking deteriorates when I am in a rush/tired/stressed etc. Effectively, I might be getting to the point where I need a little more help. Perhaps time for another appointment at the national hospital for neurosurgery.

On this theme, in April i've got a review with both my physio and orthotist to talk about if it is also time for me to get ankle foot orthoses  (AFOs).

On a related theme, i'm also finding that i'm losing pressure with some urinations, so that might be another thing to review at the national.

Quick note whilst I remember (8th April) - back at Christmas I was at a work Christmas do along with some colleagues from the office I used to work in (96-03). As I was walking down the street with one of them he asked if I'd developed a limp. Obviously it means that my gait must be changing a bit.

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