Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Symptoms Timeline

I'd been meaning for a while to get a page together with a symptoms timeline so that I (and anyone else) can monitor what is going on. I've got a spreadsheet which collates information on a monthly basis, which I then aggregate together on an annual basis. It will be another thing which I update annually.

I am tracking more than is shown in the table, but I'm keeping things simple with information which I perceive to be important first. If other information becomes important then I'll add it then.

You can access this here: http://hspjourney.blogspot.co.uk/p/symptoms-timeline.html

7th and 8th April: Minor update to data following me remembering that I'd not put any of my GP appointments in the data. I've also added a second table showing who my appointments have been with. Overall, there is some information on the timeline which I've not mentioned before:

GP Appointments: There are 3 GP appointments now included, although there may be the odd one or two others which I need to track down.

The first GP appointment was in 2008 to get a referral for the genetic testing. I dont remember when I did this, but I have a record of a telephone discussion with the genetics people in Jan 2009 which must put the appointment with the GP towards the tail end of 2008. I've also put in the last part of my first 'phase', the appointment with the neurologist in Bristol, Dr Hardie, who pointed me in the general direction of Pilates.

My other GP appointments are already noted, to get the referral to the National and for the stress/depression clinic, and then the follow up which got me the bladder medication and onto Physio, Orthotics and the bowel people.

The other "new" information is being a bit more explicit in my recollection of my early symptoms, with headline descriptions for the early decades of my life. I've previously mentioned having difficulties sitting cross legged as a child, but it also occurred to me that as a Scout I also found sitting in a canoe uncomfortable for long periods of time.

The observation for the 2000's came from my wife, who I first met right at the beginning of the decade. She observed that when we first went skiing, 2003, I found it easy to be comfortable in the ski boots whereas she (who normally stands with her knees straight) found it quite uncomfortable. So, another subtle observation to go along with my own observation of tripping on flat surfaces - which I had noted walking up and down Epsom High Street in the late 1990's.

All the other observations are described elsewhere in this blog!

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