Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Autumnal Survey 2014

Update: This 2014 survey is now closed. For details of the results of this survey and any current surveys, please see this page:

Original Post:
After the success of my survey last year, the results of which has given me my most read page, I decided to undertake another survey this year.

My main focus for this survey is medication so that I can understand the range of medication used by people with HSP. So I've put a handful of questions together about this. I also touch on diet, exercise and relaxation to get a more complete picture.

Like last year I will collect results until around the end of the year and analyse these to publish on rare disease day 28th Feb 2015.

Also like last year, all questions are optional, and I don't collect any personal info apart from your name. If you took part last time, I'd appreciate using the same name to allow tracking.

I would appreciate any readers with HSP to complete this.

Since I published the results of last years survey there have been a few more responses which I can analyse.


  1. I'm pleased to have about 40 responses so far. It would be great to get a few more. (Yes, this is just like last year.....)

  2. Country statistics today:
    UK 20, US 9, Canada 6, Australia & Nederlands 2, Bermuda, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland 1 each.

  3. Now just past 50 responses. Like last year there’s a fair spread of ranges of mobility so there’ll be some interesting trends to try and pull out. Most people are on at least one medication, with a few people taking more than 5. Stretches are the most common regular exercise/relaxation routine. I’ll be collecting responses until the new year (roughly).

    Country stats: UK 22, US 14, Canada 7, Australia & Nederlands 2, Bermuda, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland 1 each.

  4. I just did the survery for my daughter, who has HSP.