Friday, 31 March 2017

Community Pages 2017

I last posted a list of on-line community pages in 2011, and there have been a few more appearing since then (either because they are new or because I didn't find them last time!). This list focuses on pages where you can find others with HSP and meet/chat/ask questions (etc.).  I would welcome comments with links to any other community pages.


The UK group:
The Australia group:
The USA group:
Euro HSP:
The Spanish group:
The Italian group:
Another English:
Another English:
Another English:
Another English:

Medical/patient community pages:

Rare Connect:
Patients Like Me:


There are plenty of places to get information about HSP. Here are a few interesting places:
I began this post by copying the previous set of links and checking them all. I deleted those that either don't exist any more, or haven't been updated for a good few years.

I have added various pages that I've found in recent years. Its interesting to note that there don't appear to be any groups/pages from Asia, Africa or South America (perhaps except the Portuguese page). Perhaps there is a cultural difference, or its a language barrier.

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